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MTB Saddles

The mountain bike saddle, comfort above all

Who has never felt the need during a long mountain bike ride to sit on a super comfortable saddle? The choice of a good MTB saddle, according to your morphology, is essential for your comfort, in fact, it will support your back and your pelvis.

MTB saddle, make the right choice.

The mountain bike saddle is made up of rails (steel, titanium, carbon, aluminium, etc.) which are used to attach the saddle to the seatpost, the seat, the shape of which varies according to the practice and the position of the mountain biker and more or less thick padding.

Regarding the shape of the seat of a mountain bike saddle, also called shell, we will find saddles with a rounded seat generally appreciated for long distances, the weight being better distributed.

Flat MTB saddles ideal for cyclists who make significant efforts, suitable for frequent position changes.
Semi-rounded MTB saddles, the happy medium between a saddle flat and a rounded saddle. This type of saddle allows the cyclist to have a less marked position.