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MTB Handlebars & grips

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MTB Handlebars & grips

Unlike a road bike or premium handlebar tape, in mountain biking, it is a handle or grip that is used. There are several choices of material for MTB grips: rubber, foam, silicone, imitation leather... However, mountain bikers will prefer foam MTB grips for their comfort.

There is also a technical specificity on certain MTB grips called Lock-on, this system will allow the grip not to turn in the event of rain or excessively wet conditions.

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The handlebar is the device that changes depending on the type of bike. On a road bike, the handlebars will be more curved and it will allow the cyclist to have several riding positions, while on a mountain bike the handlebars will be wide and flat.

You can find aluminum or carbon handlebars. Carbon handlebars are more popular with mountain bikers looking for lightness and rigidity.

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