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Cassettes & chains

Road bike cassettes and chains

Small thing to know, depending on the practice you do flat or uphill, the choice of your cassette will be different.
Indeed, the road bike cassettes equipped with a low tooth sprocket will be intended for practice on the flat, while the cassettes equipped with a larger tooth sprocket will be intended for climbing peaks.

Cassette and chain compatibility

For better performance, it is necessary to choose compatible components. The choice of your cassette and chain for your road bike will be based on the brand, model, weight and number of gears.
Indeed, it is recommended to use components of the same brand for optimal use. For example, the Campagnolo brand is not compatible with other brands like Shimano or SRAM.

Maintenance of a chain and a cassette

For the proper functioning of your transmission, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance. The average life of a chain is 5,000 km, it must be replaced when it reaches 75% visible elongation on a special tool. As for the cassette, wear is less when the chain is well lubricated and you don't cross the chain too much. Replacement is required when the teeth are no longer sharp.