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Sport nutrition

The “Sports Nutrition” includes an essential selection of products specially designed for cyclists, aimed at optimizing nutrition, preparation for exercise and recovery. These products are your ally to guarantee exceptional performance without suffering from deficiencies or post-exercise fatigue. Our sports nutrition range includes innovative energy products, restorative massage creams and oils, as well as protective solutions to eliminate discomfort caused by friction.

Sports nutrition – The energy you need:

Sports nutrition for cycling includes a wide range of energy products such as specially formulated drinks, gels, bars and cakes. Cycling requires intense energy expenditure, and these products are your remedy to effectively recharge your energy reserves, prolong your endurance and accelerate your recovery. Each product is carefully composed, incorporating essential proteins, vitamins and minerals to meet specific needs, whether for preparation, exercise or recovery. With us, at LVR Cycles, you will find everything you need to optimize your performance.

Sports nutrition – Care and recovery:

Our selection of sports nutrition products goes beyond energy. We also offer a full range of warming creams, massage preparation creams and body care products to prevent uncomfortable chafing and keep you comfortable in the saddle. These essential products guarantee complete recovery, allowing you to fully enjoy your passion for cycling, without any discomfort.

Don't let nutrition be a hindrance to your performance. Discover our complete range of sports nutrition and unlock the potential of your cycling, mile after mile. Trust LVR Cycles for your sports nutrition and be ready to dominate every ride!

Discover our range of sports nutrition online:

  • Energy Gels: Quick energy boosters to keep you strong and focused throughout your ride.
  • Energy Drinks: Powerful hydrating potions to maintain your optimal hydration levels, accompanied by essential nutrients to support your endurance.
  • Cycling Nutrition Packs: Carefully designed, complete packages containing everything you need for your training and recovery.