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Electric urban bikes

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Electric urban bikes

Electric bike: why choose a VAE?

The electric bicycle has many advantages and adapts very well in an urban or rural environment. You live in town, and you want to get to work avoiding traffic jams, stress and pollution, the PEB is the ideal solution.
Equipped with an electric motor, reaching maximum speed 25km/h, take advantage of the cycle paths while avoiding traffic.

Electric bike: how to choose it

It all depends on what you will use your e-bike for, you will choose a different e-bike. The first element to take into account is the power of the engine, the maximum authorized speed is 25km/h, but there are certain bicycles called Speedbike whose speed reaches 45km/h.
However, due to their power, these bikes no longer fall into the category of bicycles, but into the category of mopeds. This involves wearing an approved moped helmet, registration, insurance and a ban on riding on cycle paths.

Another element to take into account when choosing your VAE is the ability to battery. Indeed, the higher the number of Watts/hour, the longer its autonomy. Remember that a 500wh battery is equivalent to 3 hours of autonomy.