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Gravel equipment

Gravel bikes are designed for a variety of terrains, which means gravel bike equipment is also important to provide an enjoyable and efficient riding experience. From helmets to shoes to apparel, every piece of gear has been specifically designed to meet the demands of gravel.

At LVR Cycles we offer a wide range of gravel bike gear including helmets, shoes, apparel, bags and accessories. Our selection includes quality brands such as Cannondale, Berria and 3T, with models such as the Cannondale Topstone Carbon, Berria Belador Pro and 3T Exploro.

  • Helmets are an essential piece of gravel bike gear. Gravel helmets offer better head protection than traditional road helmets and are designed to provide increased visibility. Some models also offer a visor to protect the face from dust and debris.

  • Gravel shoes are also a key piece of equipment. Gravel shoes offer a stiffer sole for better power transmission, while the upper is softer to provide better comfort on long rides. Gravel bike shoes are also designed for better grip when walking on uneven surfaces.

  • Gravel clothing is often more durable than traditional road clothing to cope with changing conditions and wear and tear from friction. Gravel jerseys are often longer to provide better back coverage when riding on uneven surfaces. The gravel bib shorts also have a more durable design to provide better protection against scrapes and cuts.

  • Bags and racks are also an important piece of gravel bike gear. Gravel panniers are designed for increased storage capacity and are often stronger than traditional road panniers. The racks are also more robust to carry a heavier load.

In summary, at LVR Cycles we offer a wide range of quality gravel equipment, designed to provide a comfortable and efficient riding experience on a variety of terrains. If you are looking to buy equipment for your gravel bike, do not hesitate to come visit us or browse our selection online to find the model that best suits your needs.

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