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Gravel shoes

Gravel shoes are a crucial part of a comfortable, high-performance riding experience. Unlike traditional road shoes, gravel shoes are designed for use in varied and rugged terrain. Gravel shoes need to be lightweight, durable, and provide good grip to allow riders to pedal efficiently over rocky, sandy, and muddy terrain.

At LVR Cycles, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of high quality gravel shoes to meet the needs of all cyclists, whether beginner or advanced. We offer shoes from the Giro, Shimano and Sidi brands, known for their quality and reliability.

The Giro Privateer shoes are equipped with a BOA closure system for a precise fit and excellent foot support. They also have a rubber outsole for optimal grip on difficult terrain. The Shimano XC5 shoes are light and robust, designed to provide stability and optimal pedaling comfort, whatever the terrain. Finally, the Sidi Trace shoes also offer excellent stability, thanks to their wear-resistant rubber sole, as well as optimal pedaling comfort thanks to their robust construction and precise closure system.

In addition to these specific shoe models, we also offer a wide range of options to suit the preferences and needs of every rider. We have lightweight shoes for gravel runs, comfortable shoes for long off-road rides, and tough shoes for the toughest terrain.

At LVR Cycles, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive selection of gravel cycling shoes to meet all of our customer's needs. With quality products and a dedicated team of professionals, we're here to help you find the perfect gravel bike shoe for your next off-road adventure.

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