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MTB framesets

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MTB framesets

MTB frames are the key element that determines the performance and behavior of an all-mountain bike. There are different types of MTB frames, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Rigid mountain bike frames are made from materials such as aluminum, carbon or hardened steel. These materials make it possible to create light, rigid and resistant frames, ideal for rough terrain and extreme conditions. Hardtail mountain bikes are especially popular with cross-country racers and downhill riders.

Suspended mountain bike frames, also called full-suspension, feature front and rear suspension to absorb shock and vibration. The suspensions can be tuned to suit different terrains and personal preferences. Suspension mountain bikes are especially popular with downhill racers and freeride riders.

Hardtail mountain bike frames combine the advantages of hardtail and suspension mountain bikes. They have a stiff frame, like hardtail mountain bikes, but also feature front suspension to absorb shock and vibration. Hardtail mountain bikes are particularly popular with riders looking for a good compromise between performance and comfort.

Finally, there are electric mountain bike (or e-bike) frames that incorporate an electric motor to assist pedalling. The batteries can be integrated into the frame or attached to the outside, the motors can be located in the rear wheel or in the front wheel.

It's important to choose a mountain bike frame that suits your riding style and needs. It is also important to consider the quality of construction and the materials used to ensure a long life and optimal performance.

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