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Home trainers

Home trainers are a great way to train and maintain fitness at home, and at LVR Cycles we have a wide selection of models to suit all needs and budgets . Here are the four types of trainers we offer:

  • Connected home trainer: These home trainers allow you to connect to your smartphone or tablet via a dedicated app to track your performance and progress. They also offer a variety of virtual workouts to help you stay motivated and achieve your goals.

  • Resistance Trainer: These trainers use different resistance systems to simulate real running conditions, and allow you to adjust the difficulty of the workout. They are often more affordable than smart trainers, but still offer a good training experience.

  • Drive trainers: These trainers are similar to resistance trainers, but use a direct drivetrain system to create a more realistic riding experience. They are often quieter than resistance trainers, but are also more expensive.

  • Roller Trainer: These trainers use rollers to spin the rear wheel of your bike and simulate an outdoor riding experience. They are often lighter and more portable than other types of trainers, but take a little more practice to get used to.

At LVR Cycles, we offer a wide selection of trainers in all categories. Whether you are an advanced cyclist or a beginner, we have the perfect trainer for you.

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