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Full suspension MTB

Full suspension mountain bikes (also called full suspension mountain bikes) are mountain bikes designed for use in difficult and uneven terrain. They are characterized by a front and rear suspension that allows better absorption of shocks and vibrations, thus offering better comfort and stability.

Full suspension mountain bikes are particularly popular with downhill and freeriding enthusiasts, as they allow them to ride at high speeds over rough terrain with less risk of falls. Front and rear suspension can also improve downhill performance by allowing the wheels to follow the terrain better, increasing traction and reducing the risk of ejection.

Full-suspension mountain bikes usually come with 26-inch wheels, but there are also models with 27.5 or 29-inch wheels. Front and rear suspensions can vary in terms of type (eg telescopic fork or swingarm) and travel (ie the maximum distance the suspension can travel).

There are many manufacturers of full suspension mountain bikes, each offering models suitable for different levels of riding and different budgets. It is important to choose a bike suitable for your skill level and intended use, as a full suspension mountain bike can be heavier and more expensive than a rigid mountain bike.

In summary, full suspension mountain bikes are mountain bikes designed for use on rough terrain, they offer better comfort and stability thanks to their front and rear suspension, they are very appreciated for descents and free-ride, they come in different wheel sizes and with different front and rear suspensions. It is important to choose a bike suitable for its intended use and skill level. LVR Cycles offers you a wide choice of budget mountain bikes.

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