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Hardtail MTB

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Hardtail MTB

Rigid mountain bikes, also called hardtrail, are hardtail all-terrain bikes that combine the advantages of rigid mountain bikes and suspended mountain bikes. They have a stiff frame, like hardtail mountain bikes, but also feature front suspension to absorb shock and vibration.

Hardtail mountain bikes are particularly popular with riders looking for a good compromise between performance and comfort. Hardtail mountain bikes are lighter and stiffer than suspension mountain bikes, making them faster and more maneuverable on dry, hard terrain. At the same time, the front suspension helps reduce shock and vibration for increased comfort on rough terrain.

Hardtail mountain bikes are also very versatile. They are suitable for both recreational outings and competitions, and can be used on a wide variety of terrains, from country lanes to the most technical mountain trails.

Hardtail mountain bikes are equipped with quality components, such as disc brakes, all-terrain tires and speed drivetrains. The most popular brands are Giant, Trek, Scott, Specialized, Cannondale among others.

In conclusion, hardtail mountain bikes are a wise choice for riders looking for a high-performance and comfortable bike capable of adapting to all terrains. They are suitable for both beginners and experienced riders and come in a wide variety of sizes and designs to suit everyone's needs.

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