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Discover our selection of bike lights, as well as lights to attach to your helmet. At LVR Cycles we understand the crucial importance of maximum visibility when riding, whether at night or in low light conditions. That's why we have carefully chosen the best lighting from renowned brands such as Lezyne, Bosch, Bryton and many others. Equip yourself with the brightest and most reliable solutions on the market for your safety and that of other road users.

Front Lights: Light Up Your Path

Our front bike lights deliver dazzling power to illuminate your path, even in complete darkness. Choose from our diverse range of headlamps, each equipped with the latest LED lighting technology for optimal visibility. No matter your riding style, whether you're an urban cyclist or an intrepid mountain bike enthusiast, we have the perfect front light for you.

Rear Lights: Be Seen From Far Away

Be visible from afar with our specially designed rear lights to alert drivers and other cyclists of your presence. Our taillights emit clear and powerful signals, ensuring your safety on the road, even in low light conditions. Opt for peace of mind knowing that you are clearly visible from behind, minimizing the risk of accidents.

Helmet Lights: Personalized Lighting

For even more personalized visibility, discover our range of lights to attach to your helmet. These powerful little lights are ideal for freedom-hungry cyclists, providing direct light where you look. Whether you're traversing city streets or taking on steep mountain trails, these helmet lights will keep you on course with confidence.

At LVR Cycles we are passionate about cycling and we understand the critical importance of cycling safety. That's why we only offer high quality lights, tested and approved by experienced cyclists. Browse through our selection and find the perfect lighting that meets your specific needs.

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