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MTB Pedals & cleats

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MTB Pedals & cleats

Are you wondering what kind of pedals are fitted to your mountain bike? You are absolutely right to ask yourself this question, the choice of a pair of mountain bike pedals is not made at random.
It is important to find the model that best suits you according to your criteria, automatic MTB pedal, flat MTB pedal, or mixed MTB pedal, aesthetics, budget etc...

MTB pedals & cleats: the different pedals

Automatic pedals

They have a mechanism to secure the shoe with a wedge underneath. The mechanism releases automatically during a major effort or a fall. This type of pedals increase the power of the transmission thanks to the thrust force on the crankset.

Flat pedals

Flat pedals are the classic mountain bike pedals, however different models exist depending on the level of grip that the rider wants.

Mixed pedals

As the name suggests, they are composed of a flat side and an automatic side. They are recommended for riders new to clipless pedals.

MTB pedals & cleats: the choice among a hundred references

LVR Cycles selects for you the best brands as well as the best MTB pedals and cleats for you.