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E-bike parts

E-bike equipment: a wide choice of spare parts

Do you want to change a part or boost the performance of your VAE or simply change equipment? LVR Cycles offers you a wide choice of spare parts for your electric bike. Find the full range available on our website and in store.

E-bike equipment: accessories for electric bikes

On an electric bike, it is important to check certain wearing parts for your safety, especially the tires, they will wear out faster than on a bike without electric assistance. We advise you to check your tires before each ride: pressure, general condition, etc. If you are looking for more comfort, a new saddle can already relieve your sit bones. We provide everything you need to equip yourself as best as possible.

E-bike equipment: A new battery, for a new life

Have you been riding your e-bike for years and it has lost performance? We offer you new battery and charger for your VAE. Can't find the model you need? Do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone at indicating the model of the bike, year and battery power sought.