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MTB Wheels

In recent years, MTB rims have evolved a lot, long manufactured in 26 inches, MTB wheels are now available in different sizes.
Today we find 29" models this size is finding its place more and more with riders who appreciate the comfort and efficiency of 29-inch mountain bikers. larger, a new size has arrived, the 27.5 inches.

The 29er has been around for a while now. This has the advantage for the practitioner of overcoming obstacles with more comfort, but also of feeling less the irregularities of the terrain.
But if the 29 "MTB rims have advantages, they also have a disadvantage, a 29" MTB rim will be heavier than a 26" MTB rim or a 27.5" MTB rim.

27.5" MTB wheels are the happy medium between 26" and 29". They are lighter than 29" and more responsive than 26". Riding a 27.5" makes it possible to combine many advantages and to provide the sensations to the mountain biker who does not find them on a 29" mountain bike rim.

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