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MTB Tyres

MTB tires are one of the most important elements for good performance and optimal safety on the trails. There are different types of mountain bike tires, each designed for specific terrain conditions. Here is an overview of the different types of MTB tires available on the market:

  • Downhill Tires: These tires are designed for the most technical descents, with aggressive lugs for better grip and maximum control. They are usually very wide and have a V-shaped tread for better stability.

  • Enduro Tires: These tires are built for the toughest trails, with a knobby mix for maximum grip downhill and uphill. They have a U-shaped tread for better traction and increased stability.

  • Cross-Country Tires: These tires are designed for cross-country courses and fast trails, with a herringbone-shaped tread pattern for better uphill grip and low rolling resistance.

  • Recreational tires: These tires are designed for occasional use and for recreational rides, with a tread pattern in the form of lines for better grip on trails and paved roads.

  • Tubeless tires: These tires are designed for tubeless use, they are lighter and can improve performance and safety.

It's important to choose mountain bike tires based on your riding needs and preferences, as well as the terrain conditions you ride on most often. It is also important to check tire pressure before each ride, as incorrect pressure can lead to poor grip and accelerated tire wear.

At LVR Cycles, we carry the best brands of MTB tires, to ensure you get the best performance and maximum safety on the trails. We have a wide selection of tires available in store and on our website, to meet all your needs and all terrain conditions.

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