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VITTORIA Air Liner MTB Anti-pinch foams

Anti-pinch foam

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Vittoria Airliner MTB anti-pinch foam

Vittoria Air-Liner anti-pinch foams are designed for use in tubeless tires. They increase the control, durability, performance and protection of tires and wheels while limiting the risk of punctures.

The Air-Liner is a high-quality polymer insert that replaces part of the air volume of the tire. No more choosing between stability and grip, the Air Liner allows your tires to remain stable, grippy and controlled, even at low pressure.

The Air-Liner has a round section, with channels on the top and bottom. The upper channel offers an adjustable column of air that sits directly under the tire tread. On impact, the edges of the channel corners flex first and gradually expand towards the thicker part as the tire is compressed. This allows the tread to remain flexible, which increases traction without sacrificing impact resistance. The lower channel allows easy adjustment of air pressure and allows full compatibility with any type of valve. The shape of the round section mimics the natural shape of the tire and supports a larger contact patch in the casing sidewalls. The lateral stability of the tires is increased, but the tread remains flexible and grippy. This improves cornering, climbing and braking performance.

The + product:

Protection: Wheel and tire are protected by the Air-Liner insert. By cushioning impacts from inside the tire, your expensive rim stays protected, while eliminating punctures caused by rim impacts.

Control: The Air-Liner insert replaces the air volume of the tire. The reduced air volume allows the tire to compress and rebound in a more controlled manner than standard tubeless systems. Performance: Side-by-side tire stability is increased, but the tread remains soft and grippy. This improves cornering, climbing and braking performance. Durability: This heavy-duty polymer material has been tested for an estimated lifespan of 2000 hours in normal riding, or 1 full hour of flat descent under a typical rider. Foam sold individually.


  • S (1.9 - 2.25): 90g - 1115AL010S777BX
  • M (2.3 - 2.5): 165g - 1115AL010M777BX
  • L (2.6 - 2.7): 200g - 1115AL010L777BX
  • XL (2.8 - 4.0): 234g - 1115AL01XL777BX

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