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CyclingCeramic is a brand that specializes in producing high performance drivetrain parts for road cyclists. The brand's flagship products include ceramic derailleur cages, ceramic bottom brackets, ceramic bearings and ceramic derailleur pulleys.

CyclingCeramic's ceramic derailleur cages are designed to improve drivetrain smoothness, reduce friction and increase the life of your derailleur. Ceramic bottom bracket shells offer high corrosion resistance and improved wear resistance for an even smoother drivetrain. CyclingCeramic's ceramic bearings are designed to reduce friction, increase life and improve the performance of your drivetrain. Finally, CyclingCeramic's ceramic derailleur pulleys are designed to reduce friction and improve the efficiency of your drivetrain for even better performance.

By replacing your drivetrain parts with CyclingCeramic brand products, you can dramatically improve your bike's performance on the road. Avid riders can expect performance gains, smoother drivetrains and extended drivetrain life when using the brand's products.