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Troy Lee Designs

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Troy Lee Designs : The brand of high quality cycling clothing and accessories TroyLee Designs is a renowned brand in the world of cycling, known for its clothing and accessories High quality. Founded in 1981 by Troy Lee, the brand quickly gained popularity with professional and amateur runners alike, thanks to its innovative products and sleek design. TroyLee Designs best products for cycling

  • Bike helmets: The brand's helmets are designed to offer maximum protection and comfort to riders. They are made from top quality materials and feature a ventilation system to keep your head cool during runs.

  • Bike Gloves: The gloves from TroyLee Designs are designed for better grip on the handlebars of the bike. They are made from durable materials and offer optimal protection for the hands.

  • Cycling clothing: The brand offers a full range of cycling clothing, ranging from jerseys to pants to protective vests. All garments are designed to provide maximum comfort and protection for riders.

  • Bicycle accessories: The brand also offers a full range of bicycle accessories, such as panniers, pedals and bottle cages. All accessories are designed to improve the riding experience and comfort on the bike.

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