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Gobik cycling clothing

Gobik is a clothing brand for cyclists, specializing in high-end items for passionate cyclists. It offers a wide range of products for the comfort and performance of cyclists, such as:

  • Bib shorts and bib tighs: Gobik bib shorts are designed to provide optimal comfort and maximum freedom of movement for cyclists. With premium materials, vibrant colors and stylish designs, they'll make you stand out on the road.
  • Cycling jerseys: Gobik jerseys are designed for cyclists looking for excellent ventilation, freedom of movement and excellent durability. With modern cuts and quality materials, Gobik jerseys offer excellent value for money.
  • Gloves: Gobik gloves are designed to protect the hands of cyclists against shocks, UV rays and bad weather. They are made from soft, comfortable and durable materials for everyday use.
  • Arm warmers: Gobik arm warmers are designed to provide extra protection for cyclists wrists. Made from elastic materials, they offer great freedom of movement while protecting against bad weather and UV rays.
  • Caps: Gobik caps are designed to protect the heads of cyclists against bad weather and UV rays. With modern designs and quality materials, they will make you stand out on the road while protecting you from the outside elements.
  • Thermal Base Layer: Gobik base layers are designed to provide additional protection against the cold for cyclists. Made from soft and comfortable materials, they allow you to stay warm and comfortable even in cold weather.

By choosing Gobik, you are choosing top quality equipment that will allow you to perform and feel comfortable on your bike, whatever the situation.