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Protect yourself with Leatt helmets - Safety and Design for MTB

Discover the full range of Leatt helmets on the LVR Cycles online bike store and treat yourself to state-of-the-art protection combined with unique style during your mountain bike rides. With their unwavering commitment to safety, Leatt has become the preferred choice of cyclists around the world.

Leatt helmets are designed to offer optimal protection without compromising on comfort and performance. Thanks to their cutting-edge technological expertise, these helmets incorporate innovative features such as the 360° cerebral rotation system, which reduces rotational forces in the event of a fall, and multi-density foam for superior shock absorption.

By choosing a Leatt helmet, you get complete peace of mind on the trails. Helmets are rigorously tested and certified to the highest safety standards, ensuring you get reliable protection that meets the highest industry standards.

But Leatt helmets don't just offer exceptional protection. They are also designed to be comfortable and aesthetically appealing. With their precision fit systems, you can get a custom fit for optimal comfort throughout your ride. Plus, Leatt helmets feature modern designs and bold colorways, letting you ride the trails in style.

The Leatt range of helmets available from LVR Cycles offers a variety of models to suit every rider's needs and preferences. Whether you're into cross-country, enduro or downhill, you'll find the perfect helmet for your riding style.

LVR Cycles is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of Leatt helmets, available in various sizes and colors. Our online store offers you the possibility of ordering easily and safely, with fast delivery so that you can enjoy your new helmet without waiting.

Protect yourself in style on your MTB adventures by choosing a Leatt helmet from LVR Cycles. With their combination of safety, comfort and style, Leatt helmets are an obvious choice for all protection-conscious mountain bike enthusiasts.

Don't wait any longer, explore our selection of Leatt helmets on LVR Cycles and get ready to ride safely with confidence and style on the trails. Your next adventure awaits!