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Rock Machine

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2023 Rock Machine Bikes

The Rock Machine brand was created in 1994 in the Czech Republic. The manufacturer quickly found success with its world-leading Manhattan Rock Machine bike.

RockMachine places great emphasis on research and development, all bicycles manufactured are the result of very thorough research, from the idea to the sketch through the prototype test to the finished product and tested in labs and on the trails by experts.

Since its creation in the 90s, the brand has been able to create more than a hundred models, most of which are available from your LVR Cycles Béziers dealer. Whatever your practice, from leisurely touring to extreme downhill, you will find the bike that suits you among all the 2023 models available on

Rock Machine electric mountain bike

  • Torrent INT e90 -29
  • Torrent INT e70
  • Torrent INT e50
  • Torrent INT e30

Rock Machine Electric City Bikes

  • Crossride INT e500
  • Crossride INT e400
  • Crossride INT e500 B
  • Crossride INT e400 B
  • Tempête INT e90
  • Storm INT e90
  • Tempête INT e70
  • Crossride INT e450
  • Crossride INT e425

Rock Machine Mountain Bike

  • Blizz TRL
  • Blizz
  • Blizzard
  • Torrent
  • Manhattan
  • Catherine

Rock Machine gravel bikes

  • Gravelride CRB 700
  • Gravelride 500
  • Gravelride 200