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Garmin is a renowned brand in the world of GPS technology for outdoor activities. It offers a wide range of products for cyclists, including bicycle GPS and bicycle lights. Among the flagships are the Garmin Edge 1040 and Edge 1040 Solar.

The Garmin Edge 1040 is a premium bike GPS that offers precise navigation, detailed mapping, detailed performance stats, and real-time fitness tracking. It is also compatible with accessories such as cadence, speed, power and heart rate sensors for an optimal cycling experience.

The Edge 1040 Solar, on the other hand, is equipped with a solar panel for unlimited range, making it the ideal choice for cyclists who like long rides.

Garmin also offers the Edge Explore 2 GPS, designed for cyclists who want to explore new horizons. It offers simple and precise navigation, as well as information on tourist attractions, restaurants and accommodations for a hassle-free journey.

Among the bicycle lights offered by Garmin, we find the Varia RTL 515 and Varia RCT 715, which offer exceptional visibility for increased safety while riding. The Varia RTL 515 is a rear bicycle light with features such as rear traffic detection and automatic switching on when the cyclist brakes, while the Varia RCT 715 is an LED rear light consisting of radar detection. car as well as a camera to film with a wide angle of view.

Garmin has a large selection of electronic products, connected watches for sports and cycling. Here are some highlights:

  • Forerunner 945
  • Edge 1030 Plus
  • Vivoactive 4
  • Instinct Solar
  • Venu 2
  • Approach S62
  • Edge 530
  • Marq Athlete
  • Vivosport
  • Delta Smart
  • DriveSmart 55
  • nuvi 2798LMT-D
  • fenix 6 Pro
  • D2 Delta PX
  • Rally (pedals with power meter)

All in all, Garmin is a top choice for cyclists looking to improve their performance and safety on the road. The brand's bike GPS and bike lights are designed to provide an optimal cycling experience and are reliable, accurate and easy to use.