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Winora Electric Bikes

The history of Winora bikes began more than 100 years ago. In 1914, cyclist Engelbert Wiener founded the company E. Wiener, in which bicycles were produced and sold by individual assembly. In 1921 Engelbert Wiener built the first bicycles for his daughters with his own hands, at the time there were no mass-produced children's bicycles. Since that day, the Winora business has stopped growing, at the end of 2015 71% of the bicycles sold were electric bicycles.

Electric city bikes

  • E-Flitzer
  • Sinus (manufactured in 17 different versions: Sinus 9, Sinus iN7f, Sinus iN8, Sinus iR8, Sinus iR8f, Sinus N5, Sinus N5 eco, Sinus N5f, Sinus N5f eco, Sinus N8, Sinus R380 auto, Sinus R5, Sinus R5f, Sinus R8, Sinus R8 eco, Sinus R8f, Sinus R8f eco)
  • Tria (available in 8 versions: Tria 10, Tria 7 eco, Tria 8, Tria 9, Tria N8, Tria N8 eco, Tria N8f, Tria N8f eco)

Electric trekking bikes

  • Yucatan (6 models for sale: Yucatan 10, Yucatan 12, Yucatan 12 pro, Yucatan 8, Yucatan 9, Yucatan R8f)
  • Yakun (available in 4 versions: Yakun 10, Yakun12, Yakun R5 pro, Yakun tour)
  • Sinus iX10
  • Sinus iX12