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KOO is an Italian brand of high-end sunglasses for demanding cyclists. The logo could read "KCO" but it is only the typography that gives this effect, it is written "KOO". Their products are designed to provide optimal performance and superior sun protection, while guaranteeing a unique and elegant style.

KOO sunglasses

The brand offers a wide range of products for cyclists, with advanced technical features for an unparalleled riding experience:

  • Demos Sunglasses: These goggles are equipped with interchangeable lenses for perfect adaptation to light conditions. They also have light and resistant frames, with efficient ventilation systems to prevent fogging. Demos goggles offer extended peripheral vision for optimal safety.
  • Spectro Sunglasses: These goggles are specially designed for cyclists looking for maximum sun protection. The polarized lenses offer sharp and precise vision, while the adjustable and flexible frame guarantees optimal wearing comfort. Spectro goggles are also equipped with an efficient ventilation system for clear vision even in hot and humid weather.
  • Accessories: KOO also offers a range of eyewear accessories, such as protective cases and retaining cords to ensure maximum safety.

By choosing KOO, cyclists can benefit from top quality products, made from state-of-the-art materials and designed to meet the specific needs of cyclists. In addition, KOO glasses offer a unique and elegant style, with a wide variety of colors and finishes to suit all tastes.

If you are a passionate cyclist and are looking for high-performance sunglasses to accompany you on all your outings, don't hesitate any longer and opt for KOO products. Order online now for fast, reliable delivery, and enjoy an exceptional driving experience with KOO sunglasses.