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All Haibike bikes sold on are assembled and ready to ride. In addition, you benefit from free delivery and anti-theft marking for any purchase of a bike from your LVR CYCLES Béziers retailer.

Haibike, the precursor of the electric mountain bike

The Haibike brand was founded in 1995. In the early days the bikes were distributed under the Winora brand, but soon the name Haibike was used. The mountain bike manufacturer created the first electric mountain bike in 2010, the eQ XDuro, which was very quickly successful, the model will be copied several times. They are also the first manufacturer in the world to use gravity casting technology.
In 2019, Haibike introduces the new FLYON concept in the XDuro, NDuro, Allmtn, AllTrail, Adventr, this concept integrates frame, motor, battery for unparalleled performance.

Electric mountain bikes

Enjoy the Haibike experience, by discovering the complete 2023 range on and in the LVR Cycles Béziers store.


Haibike Allmtn they are the most versatile of the range, all-terrain bike, full suspension you can face long hikes and steep climbs without difficulty.

Allmtn CF

Haibike Allmtn CF is the most efficient version, top of the range. Designed for the most demanding mountain bikers who want to keep perfect control of their bike.


Haibike Lyke is a new range of eMTBs, it is ultra light and agile. Its versatile travel makes it a real Swiss army knife for Trail and All-mountain disciplines.


Are you looking for a mountain bike for touring and tackling the toughest trails? Haibike AllTrail is designed for you, thanks to its front and rear suspension, it allows you to ride comfortably on all tracks.


The HardNine version is the mid-range model of the collection. It is equipped with the powerful new generation Bosch performance motor. The Bosch motor is ideal for your sports outings in the forest, it is also perfectly suited to urban use.

Other models

  • Hardseven
  • Fullnine
  • Fullseven
  • Nduro