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2023 Mondraker Bikes

Mondraker Bikes is a Spanish brand for passionate and professional mountain bikers. Indeed, this high-end mountain bike brand offers a wide range of MTB such as cross-country, DH, All-Mountain and Enduro mountain bikes. Founded in 2001 in Alicante, Spain, Mondraker also designs state-of-the-art VTTAE (electrically assisted mountain bikes) electric bicycles with aluminum or carbon frames.

Mondraker MTB 2023

If you want to order your Mondraker semi-rigid MTB online for Trail or XC, here is the list of bikes available in your LVR Cycles store:

  • Mondraker F-PODIUM DC RR 2023
  • Mondraker F-PODIUM DC R 2023
  • Mondraker F-PODIUM DC 2023
  • Mondraker F-PODIUM R 2023
  • Mondraker F-PODIUM 2023
  • Mondraker PODIUM CARBON RR SL 2023
  • Mondraker PODIUM CARBON R 2023
  • Mondraker PODIUM CARBON 2023
  • Mondraker CHRONO CARBON RR 2023
  • Mondraker CHRONO CARBON R 2023
  • Mondraker CHRONO CARBON 2023
  • Mondraker CHRONO R 2023
  • Mondraker CHRONO 2023

In addition, if you prefer to buy a Mondraker full suspension mountain bike to practice Enduro, DownHill or the versatility of an All-Mountain mountain bike, your LVR Cycles shop has the following models:

  • Mondraker SUPERFOXY CARBON RR 2023
  • Mondraker SUPERFOXY CARBON R 2023
  • Mondraker SUPERFOXY R 2023
  • Mondraker SUPERFOXY 2023
  • Mondraker FOXY CARBON 2023
  • Mondraker FOXY 2023

MTB Mondraker 2023

Praised by the most reputable ride magazines, the Mondraker e-Bikes are dynamic, powerful and provide unfailing comfort. Whether you are a beginner, a hiker or a fan of rhythmic e-MTB outings, you will be pleasantly surprised by the Mondraker performance! LVR Cycles France is your official Mondraker dealer, possibility to order new models for the 2023 season online:

  • Mondraker LEVEL 2023
  • Mondraker CRAFTY CARBON 2023
  • Mondraker CRAFTY 2023
  • Mondraker DUSK RR 2023
  • Mondraker DUSK R 2023
  • Mondraker DUSK 2023
  • Mondraker CHASER R 2023
  • Mondraker CHASER 29 2023
  • Mondraker PRIME RX 2023
  • Mondraker PRIME 29 2023
  • Mondraker PRIME+ 2023
  • Mondraker THUNDRA 29 2023

Due to the reduction in production following the Covid-19 health crisis causing multiple shortages of bicycle components, it is best to pre-order your Mondraker bike as its manufacturing will be a priority. The delivery dates are listed on the product sheets. Sizes available: S (small from 1m50 to 1m64) M (medium from 1m65 to 1m74) L (large from 1m75 to 1m89) and XL (extra-large from 1m90 to more).