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KMC Chain

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KMC is a brand specialized in the manufacture of chains for bicycles, as well as other products related to the transmission. Here is an overview of the different types of products that KMC offers:

  • Bicycle chains: KMC offers a wide range of bicycle chains, for different types of bicycles and uses, ranging from chains for MTB and BMX to chains for road bikes.
  • Chain links: KMC also offers chain links for repairing or extending existing chains.
  • Chain tools: KMC offers tools specifically designed for the installation and maintenance of bicycle chains, such as chain removers and link pliers.
  • Sprockets and chainrings: KMC also offers sprockets and chainrings for road bikes, in order to optimize the transmission.

In summary, KMC is a brand specializing in the manufacture of bicycle chains and other transmission-related products. Their products are designed to deliver optimum performance, through the use of top quality materials and advanced technical know-how. Plus, their range of tools and parts allow users to customize their drivetrain to meet their specific needs.