Pay in 4X without fees from 200 to €2,000 of purchase

Standard bike revision at 49 euros

Whether you own a road bike, mountain bike or electric bike, our cycle technicians recommend one standard service per year to keep your bike running smoothly. It is made up of the following interventions:

  • Checking of all tightenings to the manufacturer's torque.
  • Unveiling of the two wheels.
  • Transmission check (derailleur adjustments and chain wear check).
  • Addition of sealant if the wheels are mounted in tubeless (excluding the cost of sealant).
  • Tire pressure.
  • Lubricate the transmission.

If at the end of this revision a component requires a new replacement, we contact by telephone to have an agreement before replacing.

First revision offered for the purchase of a new bike (in 3 months following your purchase or 300km for electric bikes).

Complete bike overhaul at 80 euros

Do not wait until you hear operating noises or a loss of performance. Your bike requires a full overhaul every two years or annually for competition bikes if you want to keep the original performance of your MTB, racing bike, gravel, or e-bike / e-MTB. This advanced review consists of the following interviews:

  • All standard overhaul interventions
  • Lubricating the headset
  • Lubricating the bottom bracket
  • Hub lubrication
  • Lubricating the freehub
  • Lubricating the seat post
  • Washing and polishing

Bosch electric bike motor update at 49 euros

Worried about optimizing your Bosch engine on your e-Bike?

The LVR Cycles workshop has a diagnostic and update beacon for Bosch engines. The advantage of updating the system is to improve the engine / battery / speedometer link. Update recommended to reduce diagnostic times in the event of a fault and this improves management of power / autonomy performance as well as reliability.

To date, Yamaha and Brose do not offer updates, but in the event of a breakdown, the LVR Cycles workshop is equipped to diagnose these two other brands of electric-assisted bicycle motorization as well as Shimano engine blocks.