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MAVIC Cosmic SL 45 Disc carbon wheels tubeless ready 2024

Carbon wheels mid rim

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Mavic Cosmic SL 45 Disc 2024 Wheels

This versatile carbon road wheel is perfect for cyclists looking for the perfect balance of weight, aerodynamics and efficiency. New spokes and hubs give the Mavic Cosmic SL 45 Disc lightness and responsiveness on hills and acceleration.

The rim features a 45mm high and 26mm wide NACA profile, specially designed for seamless support for all types of performance on flat and undulating terrain. With the new rim upper deck profile, mounting tubeless or inner tube tires has never been so easy. Who says UST Tubeless means no inner tube, therefore no friction, and a greater volume of air promises smoother riding. Result: increased speed, with greatly reduced rolling resistance. Improved spokes allow this wheelset to gain 80g over its predecessor, the Cosmic Pro Carbon UST Disc. Combined with our all-new Infinity hub platform, which ensures they're responsive in any situation, these wheels are stiffer and more efficient.

The Cosmic SL 45 Disc is specially designed for disc brakes, with an optimized spoke count and lacing. Available for Center Lock system only, they are compatible with a 12mm thru axle and convertible to quick release using the adapters provided. They can be equipped with Shimano and SRAM XD-R cassettes, and are convertible to Campagnolo using an optional freehub body.
These wheels are designed, manufactured and patented by Mavic , in Annecy, and entirely handmade on our European site.

Highlights of Mavic Cosmic SL 45 disc:

  • Accelerate and climb with more efficiency, reach higher speeds: Reduced drag and increased speed thanks to 45mm rims inspired by NACA profiles. The lightness of the rim reduces inertia and allows immediate acceleration. The narrowed flat spokes lighten the wheel and improve its responsiveness
  • Versatility and performance whatever the conditions: The reduced drag, low inertia and high lateral rigidity of the Cosmic SL 45 Disc make it a fast and efficient wheel on all types of terrain, from plains to mountain slopes Special brake design disc, which allows better handling and compatibility with 12 mm thru axles
  • The optimized UST Road system allows for more speed, more comfort and better handling, all with an easy-to-use tubeless system: No inner tube means less friction, more efficiency and grip, and better protection against punctures New rim upper deck profile makes mounting and changing tires easier



  • Material: 100% carbon fiber
  • Height: 45mm
  • Drilling: traditional
  • Specific profile for disc brake
  • Pneumatic: UST Tubeless and inner tube
  • Internal width: 19 mm
  • ETRTO size: 622 x 19TC
  • UST Tubeless Technology


  • Material: steel
  • Shape: straight, flat, narrowed
  • Nuts: copper, ABS
  • Number: 24 front and rear
  • Front and rear shelving crossed by 2 without contact


  • Front and rear body: aluminum
  • Axle material: aluminum
  • Front: compatible with quick release and 12 x 100 thru axle
  • Rear: compatible with quick release and thru axle 12 x 142 and 12 x 135
  • Infinity Hubs
  • Instant Drive 360 freewheel system
  • QRM Auto automatic bearing adjustment technology


Weight: 1575 grams (Pair)
Weight: 730 grams (Front)
Weight: 845 grams (Rear)


Drive Standard: Center Lock® only
Freewheel: Shimano /Sram or XD-Road


Freewheel: Shimano /Sram, convertible to Campagnolo ED11, N3W and XD-R with optional freehub bodies
Front axle: 12x100 thru axle, easy conversion to quick release with supplied adapters.
Not compatible with 15 thru axles
Rear axle: 12mm thru axle, convertible to quick release using supplied adapters

Compatible adapters and freehub bodies

  • Reducer 12 to 9 mm for front quick release (LV2680300)
  • Front fork support 12 mm ( [LV2680500] - delivered assembled)
  • Rear axle adapters 12 x 142 ( [LV2510700] - delivered assembled)
  • 12 to 9 mm reducer for rear quick release ( [LV2510800] - delivered assembled)
  • ID360 Shimano / Sram Light Freehub Body (LV3850100)
  • Campagnolo ID360 freewheel body (LV3440100)
  • ID360 XD-R Freewheel Body (LV2580100)
  • ID360 Shimano / Sram freehub body ( [LV3430100] )


ASTM CATEGORY 2: roads and paths, jumps with a height of less than 15 cm
To optimize wheel longevity, Mavic recommends that the maximum weight supported by the wheels does not exceed 120 kg, including the weight of the bike.
Recommended tire widths: 25 to 32 mm
Max pressure : refer to the indications on the wheel and tire. If they are different, choose the lowest

Delivered with

  • Front quick release adapters
  • Quick release rear adapters for Instant Drive 360
  • UST valve and accessories
  • Pre-installed tubeless rim tape
  • User guide

Technologies Mavic Cosmic SL 45 Disc

UST Tubeless Technology

Traction and control Universal Standard for Tubeless. Tubeless system ready to ride. The UST system improves traction, control and comfort while reducing inertia and the risk of punctures.

Instant Drive 360 freewheel system

The new Instant Drive 360 freewheel system is ultra light and efficient. An oversized non-contact rubber seal reduces friction to a minimum, and a wide choice of adapters makes it compatible with all types of frames and axles.

QRM Auto automatic bearing adjustment technology

Mavic Auto Bearing Quality Our latest innovation. These cartridge bearings are obviously double sealed, with C3 internal clearance. Their preload adjusts automatically to ensure, in the long term, perfect rotation without any play.


Data sheet

Number of speeds
10 speeds
11 speeds
12 speeds
Type of tyre
Tubeless ready
Rim profile
Disc brakes
Disc mount
Center Lock

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