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Gravel shoes Fizik Vento Proxy White / White

Fizik Vento Proxy gravel shoes

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Available from 15/06/2024

Fizik Vento Proxy White / White gravel shoes

The Fizik Vento Proxy White / White gravel shoes are all-terrain shoes with pure competition DNA. When performance is needed on demanding XC trails or during fast gravel runs, this shoe is the solution. The Proxy is well ventilated thanks to an innovative translucent PU mesh that makes the shoe both lightweight and comfortable. The upper is durable with its tear-resistant construction, protecting you from the pitfalls of rough riding over rough terrain.

Slim fit

The closure pattern is minimal and supportive, utilizing BOA® textile lace guides that balance tension and further eliminate pressure points. Featuring a unique incremental Li2 BOA® Fit System platform, riders can adjust their fit, ensuring maximum performance without compromising on comfort.

Comfortable power transfer

The newly redesigned X3 fiber composite outsole provides more rigidity for efficient power transfer. The generous rubber tread provides better grip on the pedals and improved traction for downhill segments during CX races.

Speed that blurs the lines

One thing that CX, XC and gravel racing all share is the need for speed - and the Proxy is made to move. Whether it's the explosive responsiveness needed to be first off the line during a cyclocross competition, the agile feeling needed to quickly navigate technical cross-country trails, or the supportive comfort for fast runs on gravel, the performance of the Proxy is deployed in all off-road disciplines.

PU laminated mesh upper material

The PU laminated mesh upper provides both lightness and durability. This innovative construction ensures optimal ventilation while protecting your feet from the external elements during your off-road adventures.

Li2 BOA® Dial adjustment system

The Li2 BOA® Dial adjustment system provides a precise, personalized fit. With a simple twist, you can adjust the tension of the laces for optimal comfort and maximum performance during your most demanding rides.

X3 fiber composite outsole

The X3 fiber composite outsole, featuring a rubber tread, offers a stiffness rating of 8 for optimal power transfer. This combination guarantees exceptional grip on the pedals and reliable traction during downhill or walking sections during your CX and gravel races.

Weight: 326g

Weighing just 326 grams, these shoes offer a lightweight feel that allows you to fully concentrate on your performance without being weighed down by heavy equipment.

Sizes: 36-48

Available in a wide range of sizes, from 36 to 48, with half sizes available from size 37 to size 47, these shoes offer a precise fit for a wide range of riders.


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