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CONTINENTAL GP 5000 Tyre (Grand Prix 5000) 700x23c 700x25c 700x28c 700x32c

Most versatile racing tire

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Continental GP5000 tire, the new era of cycling

The best universal tire on the market, offering a level of performance never before achieved. Ride faster, more comfortably and with even greater puncture resistance. Designed to give you the best.

Black Chili

A new relationship between grip and performance

This unique tread compound in the world, which can only be manufactured in Germany, is revolutionizing bicycle tires!
BlackChili Compound improves rolling resistance by 26% and simultaneously ensures approx. 30% more adhesion compared to mixtures based on activated silica.
Prenium tires made with Black Chili Compound also convince with increased mileage performance and consistent rolling characteristics from the first to the last mile.

SafetySystem Breaker

Integrated puncture protection

The SafetySystem Breaker is made of an ultra-resistant nylon weave reinforced with Kevlar. Resistant to punctures and cuts while being light and flexible, tires equipped with the SafetySystem Breaker adapt perfectly to all types of ground. Without increasing significantly reduces the weight of the tire, the SafetySystem Breaker ensures a long life for the tire. Tires equipped with the SafetySystem Breaker also provide great comfort to the user.

Active Comfort Technology

A revolutionary approach: incorporated into the tire carcass, Active Comfort technology absorbs vibrations and makes the road much more comfortable.

Laser Grip

Lazer Grip, so you become one with the road. The micro-profiled structure extends to the shoulder of the tire and guarantees exceptional cornering grip.


The benchmark in puncture protection

Vectran™ is a synthetic fiber inspired by the observation of nature. Like spider silk, Vectran™ is a liquid crystal polymer (LCP). Vectran™ is woven from Vectra polymer and reworked into a multi-fiber network. Vectran™ fiber, like spider silk, has enormous tear resistance at a very low weight: exactly what is suitable for use as an anti-puncture device in a Continental tire. Vectran™ reinforcement is lighter, more flexible and even more protective against cuts than nylon puncture protection. Rolling resistance is not affected by the Vectran™ reinforcement.

Technical sheet

ETRTO: 28 X 23 and 28 X 25
TPI: 3/330
Weight: 211 g for the 23mm and 221 g for the 25mm

Max pressure: 8.3 bars

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