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GOODYEAR Eagle F1 tubeless tyre black & tan - 700x25c 700x28c 700x30c

Hookless compatible Tubeless road tire

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Goodyear Eagle F1 Premium Tubeless bicycle tire

The Goodyear Eagle F1 bicycle tire is part of the Road UHP (Ultra High-Performance) range, the versatile Ultra High-Performance road racing tire. Optimized for absolute performance promoting straight line speed and cornering grip.

Tubeless assembly without compressor

The structure of the sidewalls allows your tubeless tire to be slammed with a conventional floor pump. We carried out a test without preventive at the LVR Cycles workshop, the tire flattens directly on the walls with the help of a single powerful pressure on a foot pump. The sealing is remarkable without preventive, the tire remained inflated from 5 bars to 2 bars for more than 5 hours which proves that with the addition of preventive the loss of pressure will be almost nil.

Weight of the Goodyear Eagle F1 Tubeless

  • 700x25c version = 255 grams (verified)
  • 700x28c version = 300 grams (verified)

Maximum pressure

  • 700x25c version
    • 8.2 bars in inner tube on hook rim
    • 6.8 bar tubeless on hook rim
    • 5.0 bar tubeless on hookless rim (hookless)
  • 700x28c version
    • 7.5 bars in inner tube on hook rim
    • 5.8 bar tubeless on hook rim
    • 5.0 bar tubeless on hookless rim (hookless)

Tubeless Technology

Exclusive Goodyear Bicycle Tires design that has all the benefits of a Tubeless Ready (TLR) tire with added air retention properties.

A layer of multi-compound material is added to our high-pressure Road-UHP tire casing allowing for better air retention while providing additional protection against punctures and cuts with minimal weight increase.

Please note that this tire can also be fitted with an inner tube.


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Type of tyre
Tubeless ready

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