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Renthal Cycling

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Renthal Cycling is a brand specializing in the manufacture of parts and accessories for mountain bikes. It was created in 1969 in England, and quickly forged a solid reputation in the world of motocross, thanks to the quality of its products.

In 2009, the brand decided to enter the mountain bike market, and began to produce handlebars for this sport. Since then, it has gained great renown for the quality of its handlebars, especially its carbon and aluminum handlebars.

Renthal Cycles handlebars are designed to offer great steering precision, excellent strength and stiffness, while providing optimal shock absorption. They're also very lightweight, making them popular choices for both professional and amateur runners.

In addition to handlebars, Renthal Cycling also offers a full range of MTB accessories, such as grips, chainrings, sprockets and seatposts, all designed to deliver top-level performance. The brand continues to innovate and develop new products to meet the needs of the most demanding cyclists.